Dog-ged Devotion is such a happy book! I smile as I turn each page looking at the creative ways n which each dog’s charming personality is presented. April has such an artful eye and an amazing talent that captures the specialness of each dog. We are thrilled that our three pups are part of this fabulous collection. The day of the shoot was so much fun watching April work with each of them to catch those moments that showcase their very different personalities. Thank you, April, for giving us these priceless photos and a beautifully composed book to treasure. What a great gift! I will most definitely be giving Dog-ged Devotion to my dog loving friends.
 - Daniel, Boo and Sweetie's Mom

I had to take a moment to tell you how ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Dog-ged Devotion is! I couldn’t believe how incredible the photos of the pups turned out. So perfectly Kai and Bodhi! We had such a blast the day you photographed them, to see the end result was truly magical. We have placed it on the coffee table in the living room, open to Bodhi’s page right now, but will switch it to Kai’s soon, to show them off. It makes me smile every time I walk past. Thank you for creating such a fun, happy book. We were so lucky to have the opportunity to include our babies. You are a gift! - Bodhi & Kai's Mom

Jude came into our lives through Agape Animal Rescue. How wonderful to have April capture his spirit in photographs for Dogged Devotion – a beautiful and heartwarming book that benefits Agape to help dogs like Jude find forever homes. We’re so proud that both Jude and our granddog Miller were part of this project. I smile every time I open this book.
– Jude’s Mom

April captures the charm and personality of each dog featured in Dog-ged Devotion. The creativity of each photo and the accompanying captions make you appreciate all the joy that dogs bring us. As fun as it is to skip to the pages of the book featuring my sweet senior, Ladie, I always find myself flipping through the entire book with a smile on my face. Dog-ged Devotion is a sweet escape when needing a reminder of the pure goodness of dogs.
- Ladie's Mom

It is quite obvious that you put your heart and soul into the production of this book. It is absolutely mesmerizing. I have gone through it cover to cover numerous times and always find something I hadn't seen previously that makes me smile. Kudos to you!!! And the characterizations of each of the models were absolutely perfect! We laughed at Harley's photo, minus the ball of fresh mozzarella, as he licked his chops. My dog, the gourmet!
- Harley's Mom

When I first heard about the Dog-ged Devotion book I knew my dog had to be included. Bella, the beauty on page 70, enjoys reading books with her 4-legged sisters when she is not outside playing in the rain or in a creek somewhere. When April first had the idea of capturing Bella's personality in the rain, I thought we would never be able to make it happen. I was wrong! April was able to craft the perfect scene and I am so impressed with how her pictures turned out! April has a passion for showing every dog's personality perfectly and you can see this with every paged you turn when flipping through this unique coffee table book. I can't wait for the next edition! - Bella's Mom

Browsing Dog-ged Devotion is like a personal visit with all your favorite canine chums! Understanding their passions, interests, and objects of devotion is a unique peek into a world we dog lovers long to understand. Our Nugget, an older rescue, has brought so much joy into our lives that we are thrilled to share him with others who read this special book, and we hope all his “babies” bring smiles and memories of other beloved fur friends. - Nugget's Mom

Rumor was new to the family, so this was a special way of celebrating her adoption! She seems so proud of herself for being in the book and loved showing off at the red-carpet event!! We will treasure this book forever! - Rumor's Dad